Solar Panel Efficiency in Cleveland

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Like any other piece of technology, solar panels have seen increases in efficiency over the past decade or so. Technological advances in solar energy have made photovoltaics a more viable clean energy option for homeowners. This means that the peak efficiency of your panels is better than ever. 

The more effective your solar panels are, the better your solar experience will be over time. The potential electric bill savings increase as your system generates more electricity, which means more benefits for you and the planet. Read below to find out how effective solar panels are in Cleveland, Ohio.

Solar Panel Investments In Cleveland

The price of solar panels has decreased over the years, and as of 2021, solar panels are still eligible for the federal tax credit that offers up to 26% of the installation cost back to eligible homeowners. The levelized cost of solar energy is about $.06 per kWh, while without solar, the forecast average for Ohio electric rates over the next 25 years is about $.25 per kWh. It’s clear that there is a major potential for return on your investment with solar. 

How Well Do Solar Panels Work In Cleveland?

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels aren’t most effective in a hot and sunny climate. Solar panels actually work best in sunny, cooler weather. That means your Cleveland home could be the perfect candidate for a solar energy system. 

The longer daylight hours and typically mild temperatures of Ohio summers mean that your panels can generate substantial amounts of electricity without losing any energy to the summer heat. It’s a perfect way to capitalize on a renewable energy source to potentially save some money and do your part to save the planet.

How Will Solar Work For My Home?

Solar panel systems generate different levels of energy depending on a variety of factors including architecture, location and setup. Your home might be perfectly set up for solar, or there may be some aspects of your home that will reduce your energy production. Either way, you can lean on a solar expert to provide valuable insight on how solar will work for your home

Add Solar Efficiency To Your Cleveland Home

Interested in how solar energy can work for you? Contact one of our solar experts today! They’ll be happy to help evaluate your solar potential and create a custom quote that will meet your energy needs.