How To Go Solar in Cleveland, OH

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You’ve weighed the pros and cons of solar energy. You’ve investigated your property and decided solar panels are the right move. But where do you go from there? A lot of people have questions about investing in solar energy systems. As your local Cleveland-based solar experts, we’re happy to walk you through how you can add solar energy to your home. 

First Steps to Solar Power

Get in touch with one of our solar experts. In the beginning steps, our solar representatives will ask simple questions to assess whether your home will be a good fit for solar panels. For example, if your roof has excess shade from nearby trees, we’d need to reassess how solar panels could work for you. 

It’s also critical that you own your own home before you go solar. Those who rent are not eligible to install solar panels, but we’ll be happy to talk when you own your own home. If these two elements are in order, we’ll check out your current electricity usage and if you’re looking to cut back on energy consumption. From there, it’s time to schedule an in-home consultation!

Next Steps

A solar representative will visit your home to further assess your roof and shading. While we’re there, we’ll also go over your current energy bills to hone in on exactly the right size solar system for your home’s needs. From this additional information, we’ll create a custom proposal on the spot based on your home’s specific criteria. After you sign on to the proposal, it’s time for our team to do all the behind-the-scenes work in preparation for installation.

Install Day

We’ll call to confirm a good day to install your brand new solar panels. Installation is very quick, just a day or two where our team carefully installs the panels on your roof and then tests them to make sure everything works as intended. After cleaning up and heading out, our part of the process is done, and you’re on your way to enjoying your new renewable energy source. But the process of going solar isn’t quite done yet.

Last Steps

Your utility company will come out to swap out your meter for a brand new one. This is done so you get credit on excess energy produced by your panels via the process known as net metering. This credit can be used on your upcoming utility bills, meaning you’ll potentially start saving on your electric bills from that day on. 

Get Started With Pink Energy

Hopefully, this explanation has cleared up some of the questions you may have had about going solar. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have on the process of adding solar power, and if you’re ready to start this process today, contact us! Our local Cleveland-based solar representatives are knowledgeable and ready to help.