How To Clean Your Solar Panels During An Ohio Winter

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In Cleveland, snow is a fact of life during the winter. You may be wondering how effective solar panels can be in the depths of January when it’s cold, gray and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. While snow can affect solar production, remember that you’re tied to the grid to cover any shortfalls. Beyond that, having a battery backup is an essential option to ensure you have access to power during any storm-induced grid outages. Let’s go over how to clear snow and wintry debris from your solar panels. 

Cleaning Up A Snowy Solar System

Our solar panels are covered with a layer of tempered glass to protect the sensitive circuitry inside, so the odds of the panels being damaged by wintry weather are low. The only danger you will likely face from snow covering the panels is a period of reduced solar energy production. Now, let’s talk about cleaning them off to get the most energy out of the panels during short winter days. 

Good news: the easiest way to clean your solar panels after a snowy day is to let the snow melt. Getting on a ladder can be perilous when there’s snow and potentially ice on the ground and roof! Since solar panels are best set up on the sunniest side of the house (typically south, but east- and west-facing roofs are also good), the snow will melt and slide off quickly, giving your solar panels plenty of time to continue producing electricity.

Solar Power Works 365 Days A Year

You might wonder how solar panels work during the short daylight hours and poor weather conditions of Ohio winters. So let us reassure you: solar panels do not depend on heat or visible sunlight. As long as it is daytime and the panels are clear, you will receive energy from your solar system. 

Yes, you may receive more energy during the long hours of summer, but ultimately, one big reason to invest in a solar energy system is to offset the use of grid electricity. If your system produces excess energy in the summer months and your utility provider offers net metering, you might be able to use the electric bill credits built during the summer during the winter to help offset any reduction in solar energy production. 

Harness The Sun Year-Round With Pink Energy

If you have any questions about how solar energy will work at different parts of the year or want to know more about how to take good care of solar panels, get in touch with your local team of solar experts at Pink Energy. We’re more than happy to talk about the year-round benefits of a solar power system.